We Are IT | myFSU Portal & Mobile

Tuesday 04/20/2021

From viewing a snapshot of your paycheck or course schedule to booking your COVID-19 vaccine appointment, the myFSU Portal & Mobile Team is responsible for making it easy for you to navigate your account via the myFSU web and mobile apps. The team is constantly developing and testing new concepts and innovative technologies for presenting customized content to the FSU community … and planning their costumes for the annual Halloween costume contest.

What is your team’s role within ITS?
We manage the myFSU web portal and the myFSU Mobile app.

Who makes up the team and what role do they perform?
Andy Hanlon leads the team as assistant director for myFSU Portal and Mobile and custom application design. Chance King is an application developer who is the primary administrator and developer for both the myFSU web portal and the myFSU Mobile app. Anne Hall handles our application functional testing as well as accessibility and usability testing. Anne also handles most of our support requests and is starting to do more analytics for the team.

What are your team’s current projects?
We are currently wrapping up some integrations with the new CashNet payment system and are working on some additional integration with the NameCoach application. We are working on some new features for both Portal and Mobile that will allow us to further personalize how and what users see and present some new ways for them to receive relevant messaging for items of interest.

What is the most rewarding project this year?
The integrated nature of what we do with the myFSU Portal and myFSU Mobile apps allows us to be part of many different projects across many different teams. It was definitely rewarding to be able to leverage Portal and Mobile in the COVID-19 response by helping the FSU community get to the Daily Wellness Tracker and COVID-19 testing information and vaccine registration. Part of this response included adding some QR code functionality in the myFSU Mobile app. We were also able to collaborate with multiple teams to help deliver the new HR website.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS?
Some of our favorite things about working in ITS include the opportunity we have to work with different groups within ITS and across campus. We get the opportunity to use new and innovative technologies to provide specific features and solutions to problems faced by faculty, staff and students. We also like to have fun in ITS, and the annual Halloween costume contest is definitely a highlight. ITS is an awesome place to work.

What is the biggest challenge your team faces?
One of the biggest challenges we face with the myFSU platforms is designing and developing these platforms in the best way to share as much information as possible while simultaneously not overwhelming users with too much information. We do our best to personalize the experience for individual users so they see and interact with the information that is most relevant to them.

If your team was to invent one piece of technology as a team what would it be?
Maybe something like a myFSU version of Amazon Alexa.

In five years, what do you see your team working on?
Over the next five years, I think we’ll definitely be working more with augmented and virtual reality technology for things like campus tours. We certainly think we’ll see more applications for artificial intelligence, whether for user support or increased personalization of the myFSU user interfaces and targeted messaging.