IT Professionals

Welcome to the IT professionals community at Florida State University. Information Technology Services (ITS) has established this forum to build a body of knowledge, facilitate collaborative efforts and deliver essential technology resources for IT professionals.


Staying up-to-date with the latest IT developments on campus will help you better support your department. ITS has developed the following communication channels for you to stay in touch with central ITS and network with other IT professionals across campus.

  • IT Professionals Forum
    Each month, ITS hosts a forum for IT professionals to present accomplishments, issues and challenges in their area. All IT professionals are encouraged to attend, and meeting invitations are sent to members of the IT Professionals listserv.
  • IT Professionals Listserv
    Sign up for the IT Professionals listserv (Nolenet) to receive notices of service changes, monthly IT professionals meetings and other technology information.


There are several university websites and online resources that you will reference on a regular basis. Please visit and bookmark these sites for quick access in the future.

  • ITS Service Catalog
    The ITS Service Catalog is a comprehensive source of information on the IT services offered to the FSU community, including departments, faculty, staff and students.
  • ITS Employee Essentials
    Visit the Employee Essentials page to discover the most popular time- and money-saving IT services available to you as an employee at Florida State University.
  • Information Security and Privacy Website
    This website is a great source for important information security and privacy news, including policies, training videos and security alerts.
  • Procurement Services Website
    The Procurement Services website provides information and forms for purchasing technology and other campus services.


  • IT Professional
    Any faculty or staff responsible for the administration and support of information technology, including system administrators, technology support personnel, Web and application developers and IT managers.
  • University IT Managers (UITM)
    Person designated by their dean, director, department head or chair, responsible for administrating or managing the IT resources for their area. All university IT managers are members of the University Information Technology Managers Subcommittee of the Information Technology Governance Council, chaired by the Provost.
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