Custom Application Design

Sometimes out-of-the-box doesn’t quite cut it. If you need something specialized, ITS can create custom web and mobile applications tailored to meet your department’s unique needs. These secure, home-grown applications can be built to align with specific departmental processes to help you efficiently and effectively complete the task at hand. ITS works with you to understand your needs and align with your scope and timeline. Applications can be internal- or customer-facing and can be designed to do everything from collecting data to automating a complex business process.   

  • Mobile access | designed for use on all screen sizes  
  • Accessible | applications are designed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines   
  • Data integration | applications integrate cleanly with university systems 
  • Access levels | set various user access levels and privileges   
  • Ongoing maintenance | includes maintenance, troubleshooting and regular feature enhancements to apps


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