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Got someone to call? ITS provides university departments with a wide range of telephone services and equipment, including desk phones, softphones and conference room systems. In addition to traditional telephone landlines (Centrex), ITS also offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service. VoIP allows calls to be made over the internet, combining multiple communication platforms into a single, cost-effective, telephony system. Whether you’re looking for a new phone line, hardware or phone service, ITS can help you stay in touch.

  • University phone number | request an FSU phone line for official university business
  • VoIP | use internet-based phone service for access to features such as easy remote access and voicemail-to-email delivery
  • Telephone equipment | order desk phones, headsets, conference call systems and more
  • Conference calling | utilize six-way conference calling to bring everyone together
  • Digital faxing | internet-based, electronic document delivery provides paperless alternative to traditional fax machines

Additional Information


Centrex to VoIP Conversion

Network connectivity to a building, condition of the wiring inside a building, networking equipment within the building, network ownership and management and funding for required upgrades and new instruments are all variables to consider before conversion. However, if your department still wishes to convert, please:


Long Distance
Long distance is included on all University phone lines.

Fax Services
Traditional fax machines utilize standard analog phone lines which are available at a monthly rate of $28.50.
*Does not include third party vendor charges

RightFax is a digital/paperless alternative to the traditional fax machine consisting of a University-administered fax server managing faxes sent and received to a departmental, dedicated phone line. Please contact for pricing.

Authorization Codes (Centrex Only):


  • Confidential 6-digit code used for dialing long distance
  • Station specific code


  • Authorization Codes can be added at no additional monthly cost to your service

Toll-Free 800 Numbers (incoming calls):


  • One number assigned for incoming calls
  • Priced at competitive long distance rate


  • 1-800 Services: $13.09/Month
  • Additional: 8.5¢/Min
  • Installation Charges: N/A
  • Call Detail: N/A


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Please place an order to request any of our telephone services.


Create a repair ticket with the following information:

  • Select: Telephone Line/Service/Equipment

Upgrade Notice

The FSU VoIP and voicemail system is getting an upgrade. This upgrade affects all campus phones and voicemail. 

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