Departments play a critical role in fulfilling the vast responsibilities of a top 20 public university. ITS offers phone service, file storage, website development and other productivity tools to support both your employees and your operations. Browse the list of available technology below and work with ITS or your department IT manager to request any available services.



Accounts and Access

FSU departments and organizations may request the creation of a shared email address. Known as generic email accounts, these shared addresses can be accessed by multiple users.

myFSU Portal serves as a personal gateway to the links, tools and resources you need to be successful at Florida State University. As a student, you have quick access to your courses and finances, where you can manage everything from financial aid to adding and dropping classes.

Administrative and Business

One sign in. Dozens of applications. Thousands of possibilities. Microsoft Active Directory provides users with single sign-on access to Microsoft programs and other applications available through FSU.

Sometimes out-of-the-box doesn’t quite cut it. If you need something specialized, ITS can create custom web and mobile applications tailored to meet your department’s unique needs.

Data analytics studies the raw data stored in university systems. Using a complex web of queries, tables and tools, information from across the university is pulled together and analyzed.

Bringing it all together. Data integration extracts data from dozens of internal and external systems, such as myFSU Student Central, myFSU HR, myFSU Financials and many other systems.

The data warehouse is the central data store for Florida State University. The database houses student, employee and financial data from various university systems such as myFSU HR and myFSU Student Central.

Enterprise data management, powered by OnBase, is Florida State University’s document management and imaging platform. Think of it as a virtual copy machine.

FSU fax services are offered through RightFax, a robust configurable and flexible program that centralizes FSU's faxing infrastructure, speeds up business workflows and increases security when sending a fax.

myFSU Business Intelligence (BI) is the go-to resource for advanced reporting and analysis of university data.

Do you have a web application you want people to access using single sign-on, like myFSU Portal or Zoom? CAS can help. With single sign-on, you only have to remember one username and password.

Communication and Collaboration

“I love scouring hundreds of webpages looking for broken links.” Said no one ever. Enter Siteimprove, a tool that crawls university websites and checks for common errors—such as accessibility issues, broken links and spelling errors.

Case management is used by departments across campus to provide support to customers. The systems allow departments to receive service requests or troubleshoot problems.

Departments can request university-issued cellphones or a cellular allowance for faculty and staff business use. Common uses are for employees who have on-call duties after business hours or have grant-funded mobile devices. National and international plans are available.

Sometimes you need a solution as unique as your work. Combine any of the available engagement technologies to create a custom application that works for you and your customers. Tie together functionality from existing custom

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps track and manage interactions with customers.

Need a department’s contact information fast? The FSU directory makes it easy to find department addresses and phone numbers accessible online or via our touch tone phone system.

The Florida State University employee online directory makes connecting with faculty and staff at FSU easy. Use the online directory to quickly find university personnel, save contacts to your device and share results via email.

Discover what’s happening on campus with Florida State University’s interactive events calendar. The calendar brings hundreds of university events together in one place. You can browse upcoming events and quickly make plans with friends.

It is all in the cloud. RingCentral provides a secure call center experience without the hassle of complex office hardware.

Mailing lists can be created to facilitate email discussions for FSU departments and organizations.

Looking to connect with your customers? Our suite of marketing technologies offers a robust, omnichannel platform for reaching your community. This service gives you access to email marketing, text messaging and telemarketing tools.

Mass emails are official messages from Florida State University administration, colleges, departments and organizations that communicate information pertinent to the campus community.

Online surveys, powered by Qualtrics, help you build, distribute and analyze surveys in a matter of minutes.

Got someone to call? ITS provides university departments with a wide range of telephone services and equipment, including desk phones, softphones and conference room systems.

SharePoint Online is a web-based, mobile-friendly collaboration tool that makes it easy to create sites and share information with colleagues inside or outside of FSU.

A softphone is a phone powered by the internet or a software that enables voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls.

Online application forms, powered by SurveyMonkey (Momentive), make it easy to manage the entire application process from beginning to end.

It is time to take your communications to the next level. Targeted messaging empowers you to control your departmental communications while taking advantage of a centrally supported digital marketing suite.

Sometimes you just need to talk things out. OpenVoice is a telephone conference solution that lets you quickly set up conference calls. Chat with a few team members or get a crowd on the line. OpenVoice gives you the freedom to schedule calls anytime, anywhere, for up to 500 participants.

Say goodbye to ugly URLs. FSU offers a free URL shortening service that turns long URLs into short, easy-to-remember links. The service can take any official webpage and shorten it to an link. Perfect for mark

When you can’t meet face-to-face, why not meet screen-to-screen? GoToMeeting is a simple and reliable webinar tool available at FSU.

Connect with the world around you with Zoom. Zoom is an easy-to-use web conferencing solution available to all FSU students, faculty and staff. Stream your lecture, meet with your team or stay in touch with classmates.

Need a website for a research lab or group project? ITS offers web hosting for FSU departments and individuals looking to launch a personal website.

Florida State University's web content management system (WCMS) makes it easy to create and maintain mobile-first, brand-approved websites. All sites are secure and are cloud-hosted for stability during local outages.

From concerts to construction, FSU is a busy place. To streamline and distribute campus information, FSU created a unified event and general announcements distribution system.

Desktop and Mobile Computing

Feeling artsy? Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the tools to design amazing work and eye-catching creations. Access all of Adobe’s desktop apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and more.

Take the maintenance of departmental technologies off your plate. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Device Backup provides ongoing support for all users with ITS-managed devices.

Leave the responsibility of technology maintenance to the experts. ITS provides ongoing support for all users within partner departments.

Stop cyberattacks before they happen with the ITS computer protection and threat response service. This robust defense suite protects FSU-owned desktops and laptops against malware, ransomware and cryptoware and delivers the most advanced endpoint protection available.

The ITS Software Store is the university’s one-stop shop for free and discounted software. The online store makes it easy for FSU students, faculty and staff to download discounted software for personal and academic use.

Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi? Have a payroll question? Need a copier? The FSU Service Center, powered by Salesforce Service Cloud, is a customer support system that makes it easy to get (and give) help with general university questions, tech troubles and more.

Did you know you can access university software without ever stepping foot on campus? Florida State University's virtual computer lab—myFSUVLab—makes it easy to use university software … anytime, anywhere.

Patching doesn't have to be a full-time job. FSU's patch management service makes patching easier, more efficient and more secure. This centralized, automated service ensures both vendor-supplied and third-party security updates are installed quickly and reliably.

Whether fixing a server across the ocean or a laptop across town, remote assistance allows technicians to troubleshoot computers and mobile devices by accessing them remotely—from anywhere.

Stop worrying about constant system and application updates. Software services ensures all systems and applications on ITS-managed devices are properly installed and maintained.

IT Professional Services

Do you have a need for a new application or software? ITS web application development can leverage technology to help you find a solution. Our consultants work with your department to understand your needs and challenges and determine the best option given the scope, budget and timeline.

Digital signage enables FSU departments to share information about everything from upcoming events to university emergency notifications with targeted audiences across campus. Wall-mounted LED screens, controlled by a small computing device, can be installed in campus buildings and public spaces.

Need space to store data? ITS offers a primary file storage service for departments. This storage is provided through enterprise-class network attached storage (NAS), letting you store and retrieve files from a central location via the FSU network.

The ITS Information Technology Assessment is a voluntary, collaborative effort with FSU departments who desire a better understanding of how they are using and managing information technology.

Give your data a home. ITS offers a variety of secure storage and data infrastructure solutions to fit departmental requirements. Our technicians provide free consultations and customized plans to support each department’s unique business needs.

Looking to set up Microsoft Teams? Need a refresher on cybersecurity best practices? ITS offers a variety of online training to support available services and general technology at FSU.

Whether it’s discovering new green energy fuels or deciphering early music genres, the ITS Research Computing Center (RCC) has staff dedicated to helping accelerate your research.

Security awareness is key to maintaining a safe and secure environment at FSU. As such, ITS security training is provided to the university community through regular monthly sessions and by request.

ITS software licensing provides university departments with cost-efficient computer software. Our staff work with you to understand your needs and recommend suitable software solutions.

Harness the power of the people to test new applications and processes. ITS offers coaching on user experience design and how to measure and interpret the emotions and attitudes associated with technology interactions.

Virtual server hosting gives you the power of a dedicated server with the flexibility of cloud hosting. This cost-effective service takes the hassle and expense out of operating a departmental server.

Research Technologies

Managing servers is complicated. The academic colocation service enables departments to physically store servers and other storage hardware at the Sliger Data Center.

From analyzing data to creating models, MATLAB is the programming platform of choice for intensive mathematical computations.

SAS provides a comprehensive array of advanced analytic capabilities for statistical analysis, forecasting, econometrics, operations research and quality control. 

The research archival storage system (RAS) is a general purpose long-term digital storage archive for research data at FSU. Archival storage, provided by the ITS Research Computing Center (RCC), provides a cost-effective storage solution for large amounts of data for extended periods of time.

The ITS Academic and Research Computing Data Center, operated by the Research Computing Center (RCC), offers three hosting options,

The FSU high performance computing (HPC) cluster is an integrated group of systems connected by an ultra-fast InfiniBand data network.

Online surveys, powered by Qualtrics, help you build, distribute and analyze surveys in a matter of minutes.

Working on a research project? Sorting through loads of data? NVivo is a qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis software that helps make sense of complex research projects.

SPSS is one of the world’s leading statistical packages for in-depth research.

The virtualization cluster is a system that hosts virtual machines for research computing purposes. 

Security and Safety

Need to protect your website? Enterprise SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are available to all FSU departments and organizations with a web presence. SSL certificates, powered by Sectigo, create an encrypted connection so data can be transmitted safely and securely.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) outlines security standards for protecting controlled unclassified information (CUI) within university research and business operations.

In today’s tech world, risk is inherent. The purpose of a risk assessment is to identify events that could negatively impact your department and the university. Data breaches, ransomware and hurricanes are all very real threats, and it is imperative to be aware of and prepare for these hazards.

Any device on the FSU network can be vulnerable to threats when connected to the internet. Even with patching, updating, antivirus and anti-malware software, holes can still appear to allow unauthorized access to workstations, servers, routers and mobile devices.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity

Need to connect an application to the FSU network? Authentication and identity management controls access between FSU servers and databases and third-party applications.

FSU provides wired network connectivity via wall outlets, or data ports, to dozens of buildings across campus. Data ports include all core switches and routers and required hardware and software.

FSU departments can request a special security profile, also known as a Virtual Private network (VPN), be created for their users to limit access to campus resources. Access to this departmental VPN must be approved by the owner of that specific profile.

Eduroam, also known as education roaming, is a secure, world-wide roaming access service created with the research and education community in mind.

FSUGuest is a wi-fi network created for guests of Florida State University to provide free easy-access, public Wi-Fi to guests on FSU campuses.  

FSUSecure is the primary Wi-Fi network on FSU campuses available for students, faculty and staff.

When the need arises, ITS is partnered with various telecommunications providers to provide off campus high speed internet and equipment (DSL, cable, data circuits, etc.) services for FSU Departmental use.

The University provides Internet access for all University affiliates on-campus, including wired high-speed Ethernet, dormitory network access (ResNet), campus-wide wireless, and educational connections on Florida Lambda Rail (FLR) and National Lambda Rail (NLR). 

Every device that connects to the internet—laptops, cellphones, servers, gaming consoles—has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address that identifies the device. Think of it as the phonebook of the internet.

The university’s virtual private network (VPN) is designed to allow individuals to securely "tunnel" into campus over personal and public networks, such as a home Wi-Fi network, and access services as if they were on campus.

Wireless access points are wireless communication devices that create a central point of wireless connectivity.