Computer Backup

Take the maintenance of departmental technologies off your plate. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Device Backup provides ongoing support for all users with ITS-managed devices. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Device Backup sets individuals up with necessary technology, such as laptops, monitors, docking stations, webcams, soundbars and more. Once installed, ITS provides troubleshooting and support services for all equipment. Annually, recommendations for workstation lifecycle replacements help keep your IT inventory fresh and up-to-speed.

  • Annual IT assessment | get a personalized report and recommendations for your equipment and applications
  • Data backup | never lose data again with regular data backup and migration
  • Data destruction | proper destruction and disposal of decommissioned computers and stored data
  • Lifecycle replacement | annual recommendations for computer and other equipment replacement
  • Remote support | service and troubleshooting can be provided remotely for quick responses


Device backup is available for $3.15 per month or $37.80 per year. 


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