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Leave the responsibility of technology maintenance to the experts. ITS provides ongoing support for all users within partner departments. Computer management supports department equipment and applications, including workstations and network printers, and coordinates with manufacturers for repairs or warranty service. Computer management also includes regular patches and security updates and management of directory services. Annually, system health checks and recommendations for workstation lifecycle replacements will help keep your IT inventory current and up-to-speed.

  • Data backups | regular data backup of business files with OneDrive and ITS file storage services
  • Data destruction | proper destruction and disposal of decommissioned computers and stored data
  • Patches and updates | periodic updates for Windows 10, MacOS and common software and applications
  • Baseline security | essential security checks, including vulnerability scanning, firewalls and network access management
  • Detection and response | cloud-enabled vulnerability detection and response
  • Remote support | maintenance and troubleshooting can be provided remotely for quick response, without geographical limitations 


$30.50/month per computer for staff machines

$21.75/month per computer for public use/student lab machines


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