Digital Signage (Four Winds Interactive – FWI Cloud)

Digital signage enables FSU departments to share information about everything from upcoming events to university emergency notifications with targeted audiences across campus. Wall-mounted LED screens, controlled by a small computing device, can be installed in campus buildings and public spaces. Departments can independently manage their digital signs and customize content through a single console, then choose to display the content on one or more displays. Digital signage, powered by Four Winds Interactive, offers a variety of uses, including video walls, interactive kiosks, department directories and more. 

  • Single console | departments can independently manage signs and content through one console  
  • Scheduling | decide when and where your ads will display with scheduling and playback controls  
  • Ad templates | pre-built templates produce stunning digital ads with no graphic design experience  
  • Mobile app | update signs on the fly from the mobile device app 
  • FSU-branded | provides unified branding for digital signage across FSU 


  • Content Media Player – this can be sourced internally or through FWI
    • Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) and Mac OS devices
    • Ethernet connection
    • Joined to the FSU Active Directory
  • Digital Signage Display Device (touchscreen and non-touchscreen)


  • Content Player License
    • $600 per device annually
  • Contributor License
    • $126 per user annually
    • Routine day-to-day management of digital signs in a distributed environment
    • Can deploy content to signs
    • Can control sign schedules
    • Can move content from one player to another
    • Can only manage signs with the web version of Content Manager (CMWeb)
    • Can provision and de-provision players
    • CANNOT manage user access or create templates
  • Author License
    • $1000 per user annually
    • Used for advanced management needs of digital signs
    • Assigned to individuals whose departments routinely develop customized signs
    • Can manage signs with both the CMWeb and Content Manager Desktop (CMD) application
    • Can manage access and design\add templates
    • Like a Contributor, can take care of day-to-day tasks


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    • FSUID
  • Licensing count and type.
  • Requesting departments budget number.
  • Requesting departments fund code.
  • Requesting departments chart fields.

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