Archival Storage

The research archival storage system (RAS) is a general purpose long-term digital storage archive for research data at FSU. Archival storage, provided by the ITS Research Computing Center (RCC), provides a cost-effective storage solution for large amounts of data for extended periods of time. Good for research groups, this storage solution safely archives massive amounts of data at rest. The system is fully managed and supported by a team of technical professionals and integrates with other RCC systems.

  • Low-cost | cost-effective solution for long-term storage compared to parallel storage systems
  • High-speed data access | reliable, high-performance system for transferring research data on- and off-campus using Globus
  • Automated workflows | easily transfer data from other RCC computing clusters using SCP and SFTP
  • POSIX-compliant | conforms to uniform programming interface for Unix-based operating systems
  • Fully supported | enterprise-grade storage platform managed by a full-time team


$14/year for 1 TB of archival storage


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