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Servers require a lot of maintenance. Let ITS manage the logistics with multiple tiers of data center hosting services for FSU academic and administrative units. The ITS Academic and Research Computing Data Center, operated by the Research Computing Center (RCC), offers three hosting options, ranging from fully-managed servers to full racks of customer-managed servers. The data center is housed in a secure facility well-equipped to meet power and cooling requirements, making it an ideal solution for everything from academic projects to university research. 

  • Standard maintenance | supported by 3-Phase City of Tallahassee Power and a 500KW uninterruptable power supply and air-cooled rotary liquid chillers
  • Hosting options | select between hands-off staff-managed servers or hands-on customer-managed servers
  • Reliable power backup | a backup generator keeps servers powered on and cooled in the event of a power outage
  • Secure facility | facility entrance requires FSUCard access 
  • 24/7 monitoring | facility passively monitored 24/7 with designated procedures and personnel to respond to alerts and alarms 

Data Center Hosting Options 

CoLo West

  • RCC staff manage servers
  • Must contact RCC for software management or upgrades
  • Appropriate for customers who want as little hands-on hardware maintenance as possible

CoLo East

  • Customers manage servers 
  • Must contact ITS Core Networking for uplink setup and management
  • Appropriate for customers with multiple servers, but not a complete rack

CoLo North

  • Customers manage servers
  • Must contact ITS Core Networking for uplink setup and management
  • Appropriate for customers with full racks


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