Analytics Software (SAS)

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is an integrated system of software products wrapped up in an educational analytical suite that provides a comprehensive array of advanced analytic capabilities for statistical analysis, forecasting, econometrics, operations research and quality control. 

  • Information retrieval and data management | easily access and manage data with the SAS suite  
  • Report writing and graphics | create and utilize SAS to assist in report writing and creating informational graphics to go along with your data  
  • Statistical analysis, econometrics and data mining |  make the best decisions by modeling complex economic and business scenarios using vast amounts of data
  • Business planning, forecasting, and decision support |  conquer complex business decisions and plan for the future using data-based trends to make your decisions
  • Operations research and project management | consider more options and imagine scenarios to determine the most efficient allocation of resources and strategically implement plans for accomplishing business goals

Additional Information

Educational Analytical Suite includes:

  • Base SAS
  • SAS/ACCESS engines
  • SAS/AF
  • SAS Bridge for Esri
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Integration Technologies
  • SAS/OR
  • SAS/QC
  • SAS Studio
  • SAS Management Console
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Bridge for Esri Client
  • SAS Bridge for Esri
  • Starting at SAS 9.4, Base SAS includes SAS/SECURE functionality


  SAS 9.2 SAS 9.3 SAS 9.4
Windows 32 bit yes yes  no 
Windows 64 bit yes yes yes
Linux 32 bit yes yes no
Linux 64 bit no yes yes


The SAS EAS Site License is renewed annually, and the cost is determined based on quantity of machines. *The estimated price for the current year is listed below:

  Price Per Machine
SAS EAS Desktop FY 2020-2021 $30.00*
SAS EAS Server (based on CPU count) Ask for quote
SAS additions Ask for quote


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  • Details of Request: Enter SAS

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