Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points are wireless communication devices that create a central point of wireless connectivity. A wireless access point behaves much like a "hub" in that the total bandwidth is shared among all users for which the device is maintaining an active network connection. In order to provide wireless access to campus, Information Technology Services (IST) installs "access points" in and around the campus. These access points are generally small, antenna-equipped devices that connect directly to the local area network (LAN). 

  • Access where you need it | Wireless access points act as signal boosters to strengthen the FSU wireless network in certain areas across campus  
  • Network Security | Wireless access points help maintain the university’s wireless security with hardwired connection and security protocol 
  • Request an access Point | All wireless access points across the university are approved, installed and managed by Information Technology Services and new access points can be requested   



Departments may order the installation of additional wireless access points on campus. 

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